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What is Largely Positive?

Largely Positive Inc.® is an organization that promotes health and self-esteem for people of all shapes and sizes. We are here to:

  • Spread the truth: Give you accurate information about issues of size and weight and separate fact from fiction.

  • Give you the tools for a self-esteem makeover. Self-esteem comes in all sizes. It's not a prize you get for losing weight.

  • Encourage you to be the BEST you can be now, not 30 pounds from now.

  • Convince you to hold a personal rummage sale - get rid of all that's negative (including people) and start collecting only what's positive.

  • Help you develop your "you-nique"ness: Work on what's different about you. Why be the same as everyone else?

  • Promote the positive approach to weight management. Get off the
    yo-yo diet roller coaster once and for all! The merry-go-round of
    health is a better ride!

                                                    Self-Esteem comes in all sizes - Revised Edition - Click Here to Order: Autographed Book!
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 Largely Positive® and "The Positive Approach To Weight Management"® are registered trademark of Largely Positive Inc. 
Health at Any Size
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