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From Doubleday Book Club:

Warm, savvy, upbeat, affirmative - just what you need to take positive charge of your life today.

From The Healthy Weight Journal:

An inspirational and invigorating book that radiates Johnson's warmth, vitality and confidence.

From Readers of the book:

  • "The best book besides the Bible I have read in years."
  • "One of the best books I have ever read. I feel I could go out and take over the world."
  • "Thank you for writing this book. It was well worth the purchase."
  • "This book has changed my life! I feel a new me in the making."
  • "While I have read other books on size acceptance, your book is still my favorite."
  • "Your book is eloquently written - humorous and poignant."
  • "Thank you, Carol. Where were you 35 years ago?"
  • "Received your book yesterday. Finished it this morning. I'm amazed, to say the least!"
  • "I think it is great...easy to read...chock-full of practical advice" (this from an M.D.)

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