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If I just stick to my diet, I can lose weight

Yes, you can. The trick is in keeping it off because most dieters
regain their weight within three to five years, says Rudolph Leibel,
Associate Professor and co-director, Rockefeller University
Laboratory of Human Behavior and Metabolism:

  • If, for example, the treatment of obesity were like an
    appendectomy, where you go to the doctor, you get your
    appendix taken out, and that's it, then what we would hear is
    that people went to such-and-such a place, got their
    obesity treated and it never came back again.
    That is definitely not the case. There are not people
    who are totally resistant to weight loss. But what does
    characterize the vast majority of humans is that they are
    very resistant to the maintenance of body weight below
    whatever is "normal" for them.

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