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Self-esteem Makeover

  1. Strut your stuff! Shine! Show the world your talents. We all have them. Capitalize on what you do well. I'll never dance Swan Lake, but then again, I'll bet that ballerina doesn't play a mean piano like I do.

  2. Give thanks to your body for what is does for you. Appreciate its functional nature. It's a pretty remarkable machine. You can use it to take a walk along the beach, hug someone, listen to a concerto, make love - or go shopping! And it can do all of these things no matter what shape or size it is.

  3. Educate yourself (and those around you) about issues of size and weight. Learn what's fact and what's fiction. What the research really says and what most people believe are two entirely different things. Reputable researchers will tell you that obesity is still a complex, poorly understood condition that has very little to do with lack of willpower and a whole lot to do with biology and physiology. Most importantly - especially for those who are considered "overweight" - stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault. The research continues to show this over and over.

  4. Become preoccupied with the world... not with dieting. When we're constantly dieting, weighing, measuring, counting calories, calculating fat grams, recording our feelings in food diaries and agonizing over what to eat and what not to eat, we have little time left for what's going on in the rest of the world. And it's such an interesting place!

  5. Put nothing on hold as a reward for weight loss. A Largely Positive member recently suggested:"The best advice I ever got was to make a list of the things I would do differently once I was thin - then pick the top one and do it right now. The item at the top of my list was to take flying lessons and now I'm a single-engine land pilot!"
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