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Self-esteem Makeover

  1. Develop a personal style that announces you. Find some signature pieces. Never ever put off buying attractive clothes until you lose weight - you don't have to wear a 10 to be a 10! Don't buy into the silly notion that you can only wear dark colors because they're more "slimming". At best, dark colors shave off five pounds. Big deal! If I have a choice between looking five pounds thinner or wearing lime green, I'm going for the lime green!

  2. And Women of America: We do not have "figure flaws," despite what many of the magazines tell us. Each of us is simply shaped differently. It's called diversity. We appreciate it in flowers. Why not in people?

  3. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Tell weight critics that your size and shape are no longer topics on the conversational buffet table! Eliminate negative people from your life. Surely you have enough supportive people in you circle of family and friends that you'll never miss the "nay-sayers."

  4. Look into your past for sources of low self-esteem. Retrieve critical comments that were made to you, especially as a child. You will probably discover that your body image was shaped by other people and outside influences. You are an adult now. You have better information. Refute these old messages and from now on, shape your own body image.

  5. Concentrate on developing a healthy lifestyle rather than losing weight. Developing a healthy lifestyle is positive and can be measured in lots of ways. Losing weight has only one measure of success: the scale.
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