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Carol Johnson

The Largely Positive Story

By Carol A. Johnson, MA, Founder

Largely Positive was born when I read a book about the research on obesity and got angry! Angry because I had been on the planet for almost four decades and this was the first time I had heard this stuff! I began "scarfing up" the obesity research and soon realized that what the public believes and what the research really says are two entirely different things!

I grew up believing what most people believe - that my above average weight was due to overeating and that I was just a weak-willed, undisciplined person. What I found out is that these are myths and stereotypes, grounded in prejudice. According to researchers, "body weight regulation is highly complex and tightly controlled."1 In other words, it's not your fault! What you eat contributes to what you weigh, but so do a whole bunch of biological and physiological factors, many of which are still poorly understood.

Then there are those impossible standards of beauty we impose on women. What we aspire to isn't healthy or realistically attainable. A plus-size model recently admitted that the only way she could stay catwalk-skinny was via an eating disorder. Now she allows her body to stay where it wants.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to convey accurate information about issues of size and weight to the public and to help you understand that weight should never be used as a measure of self-worth. Diversity flourishes in nature. Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And so do people. And isn't that the way it should be?

Enjoy the "largely positive" journey!

1Joseph Proietto, "Why staying lean is not a matter of ethics." Medical Journal of Australia 1999; 171:611-613.

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