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 September 9, 2005 September 2005 
In this Issue
  • Need for Plus-Size Clothing for Katrina Victims.
  • Red Cross
  • The Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities

  • Dear Carol,

    Welcome to Largely Positive's online newsletter, "On a Positive Note - Hurricane Katrina Special Edition". The newsletter that promotes health and self-esteem for people of all shapes and sizes.

    Need for Plus-Size Clothing for Katrina Victims.

    Dear On a Positive Note Subscriber,

    This is a special edition of "On a Positive Note" and a call for help.

    As you are by now well aware, many of the victims of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath find themselves with nothing left but the clothes on their backs. This is a special problem for anyone size 3X and over. While clothing will eventually be found for people who fall in the "normal" range, very little will be available for plus- sizes. Judy Sullivan, who runs the site www.sizewise.com and who spearheaded the SWAN Project, has been researching where to send donations of plus-size clothes. Here is what she has to say:

      With the help of the new administrator of the SWAN Project, Tina Hedberg, we are able to recommend a place for you to send your donations of plus-size clothing:

    Friend Ships - Port Mercy
    1019 N 1st Ave
    Lake Charles, LA 70601

    Your donations will be going to a ship, currently serving the Katrina disaster relief effort, that travels the world to different disaster areas. The crews provide medical help for minor conditions, meals, counseling, clothing, and more. You can read more about this organization at www.friendships.org ;. Tina's contact with this organization is through her pastor: Sizes beyond 3X (supersizes) are especially needed.

    Be sure and mark your packages clearly as "Plus Size Clothing" so the items can be quickly sorted and sent to the correct department head. For those of you who have weathered the various incarnations of the SWAN Project over the years, more information about Tina Hedberg and her plans for resurrecting our program will follow soon. For information on the SWAN project, see http://www.sizewise.com/swangels.html

    I know that our "On a Positive Note" subscribers will step up to the plate in this hour of need to help our larger sisters.

    Yours truly,
    Carol Johnson, President
    Largely Positive Inc.

    Red Cross
    Help Hurricane Katrina relief with a financial donation to The Red Cross.


    Give.RedCross.Org »

    The Salvation Army
    The Salvation Army is currently providing services to storm survivors and first responders in the Gulf Coast states. You can donate: Online, By Phone, By Mail or In Person.


    www.SalvationArmyUSA.Org »

    Catholic Charities
    Hurricane Katrina: Catholic Charities Respond Across the Country. Catholic Community Services of Baton Rouge and Catholic Charities of New Orleans are coordinating services in Baton Rouge. As they focus on long-term recovery efforts, the agencies are also working hard to identify resources, refer victims, and stage material assistance that will be used in the weeks and months ahead. Contribute Online Now!

    Catholic Charities USA »

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