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"Self-esteem Comes in All Sizes"self-esteem comes in all sizes - Revised Edition


  • Why your weight is not a measure of self-worth
  • Why you are not to blame for your size and weight.
  • How to have a life now, not 30 pounds from now.
  • How to be a 10 without wearing a 10.
  • How to shed pounds the way the research says it
    should be done.

NOW AVAILABLE ...Revised, updated edition of Self-Esteem Comes In All Sizes with new section on children, many updates and additional material

What are people saying about "Self-esteem Comes in All Sizes"?

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  Manual: "Starting a Largely Positive Discussion Group"

     Why not start a Largely Positive discussion group? You can do it informally by just getting a few friends together, or more formally by finding an institution to sponsor it. Either way, you will have a series of fun, lively, enlightening discussions about issues of size, weight, and body images. Our manual will help you to organize the group and plan discussion topics.

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  • The latest research on size and weight.
  • Opinion column by Carol Johnson, author of Self-Esteem Comes In All Sizes.
  • Style tips from plus-size fashion consultant Susan Weber (
  • Size esteem column by Karen Stimson, founder of the Largesse organization.
  • Plus-size fitness tips from plus-size fitness experts.
  • Nutrition advice from "non-diet" dietitians.
  • How to “live large” in a society that “thinks small”.
  • Latest news from the weight discrimination battle front.
  • Answers to your questions on weight management, self-esteem, body image, and relationships.

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